“Scott tried my medical malpractice matter to verdict and achieved an outstanding result. We truly valued Scott Gibson as our attorney because he was honest from the very beginning and he never let us believe that our case was a “slam-dunk” incident. Plus, he was not greedy in asking for what he believed was a fair compensation amount. We never once had to call him asking for the status of our case because Scott would AWLAYS follow up with us with every update that he received. I would highly recommended and refer Scott because of his integrity, his knowledge, his trial ability and his dedication to his clients.”

Corrine D.

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“About three years ago, my father suffered an injury while being hospitalized. It was not only traumatic to him, it was extremely devastating to me and my family. Upon inquiring about the situation, the hospital in which he suffered the injury was non-compliant and almost secretive when asked about the injury. I become worried and sought advise on this particular situation. I found Brian Lewis through a good friend and from the beginning, Brian was concerned and caring toward everything. I immediately trusted him and he went to work. Three years and many depositions and experts advice and testimony after we were able to put this to a close and settle. Now I am happy to know that my father will be taken care of and I know it’s because of Mr. Lewis’ hard work.”


“I was referred to Gibson Lewis by a co-worker at the Children’s Advocacy Center, a place I later learned Mr. Gibson had helped create within Lake County while he was a States’ Attorney. Of all the personal injury lawyers I called, he was the only one who offered to come to my home soon after the sudden death of my husband, when it was difficult to venture away from my home. Mr. Gibson came prepared and was empathic to my recent loss and was willing to have himself and his staff go above and beyond during those first months. His staff often called me to check on me and the children, offering to grocery shop and do whatever they could to help ease my burden.

Scott kept me informed both during the criminal and civil court proceedings, often accompanying me when his presence was not necessary. The civil case was handled without the torment of a trial and I was more than satisfied with the results. He continued to assist me with pointing me in the right direction to people who could assist me in planning for my children’s future as well as my own with the settlement I received. He continues to counsel me regarding my children’s Trust and has become a great confidante during such a difficult time. I would recommend Gibson Lewis to anyone going through a personal injury tragedy and know they will be treated with respect and kindness.”





“Brian Lewis was instrumental in my 4.8 million dollar jury awarded verdict.  Brian is articulate, charismatic, and pays attention to detail.  His courtroom presence combined with exceptional communication skills contributed to the success of my case.  Brian’s use of cutting-edge technology at trial demonstrated his commitment to his pursuit of excellence in all areas.  I highly recommend Brian Lewis to anyone in the need of the best legal representation.”

Michelle W.

“Scott, Brian and their team represented me in a motorcycle accident where I was severely injured. The case was truly a David vs. Goliath situation resulting in a multimillion dollar settlement. The first thing I noted was the true compassion Scott has for all his clients. I always felt that all aspects of my wellbeing were his top priority and years later he still keeps in touch.

Scott and his team showed a great deal of professionalism, thoroughness, and competence. They worked extremely hard to insure the best result. I feel that they accomplished just that and I heartily recommend them.”

Bill W.

“Over a year ago I contacted Mr. Gibson for a wrongful death lawsuit. My fiancé, of my newborn twins, was killed in a tragic motorcycle accident. I was amazed at how professional, bright, committed, and compassionate he was about seeking justice for my family. Whenever I met with him he kept me informed and up to date on important matters regarding the trial. Mr. Scott assembled a great team together and won the case in remarkable timing. He fights hard for his clients and there is no one around you should want on your team other than him. I am thankful for his unprecedented skills and would recommend him to anyone in need of his services!”

Tameka J.